Our Mission

At Koufu, our mission statement promises you "Better Food, Better People, Better Life". Koufu strives to bring about the ambience of a warm family environment whilst serving the best food to our customers, creating an unsurpassed and fulfilling lifestyle choice for everyone where cuisine is concerned. We adhere strongly to our four-pillar mission and vision to ensure we deliver the best services to you, hence raising the standards for a superb dining experience.

Our Ambition

We endeavor to share the positive spirit of the Singaporean coffeeshop tradition with people around the world, to demonstrate this uniquely Singaporean custom where food, fun and family go hand in hand to bring about the best in everyone.

Our Proposition

We provide an easygoing way to conveniently enjoy the best variety of tasty, authentically prepared meals, snacks or drinks, affordable for everyone, anytime.

Our Strengths

We combine our deep roots in Singaporean traditional cooking with a continuous drive to innovate, challenge and professionalise ourselves, to provide greater value at competitive prices for our customers, as well as to continually strengthen the relationships with our partners, to assure sustainable, profitable growth for ourselves and our shareholders.

Our Values

We desire to do much more than simply running a profitable business, aiming to enhance the well-being of all people involved in our business. In a world of increasing globalisation and individualisation, we want to nurture the inherent joy of sharing a meal or drink with family and friends by providing trustworthiness, friendliness and a spark of inspiration in the everyday life of people of all ages, social classes and ethnic backgrounds.