Ivy Ng

Heartfelt-Messages-Ivy-Ng-small10 years is just a short journey in one's life, but through it I have witnessed Koufu's transformation from birth to the developmental stage and then to its current achievements. I had the privilege to join Koufu in December 2002. Throughout the years, I witnessed how the company developed and grew, and personally experienced the different emotional stages. Looking back at the past years, we started with only about ten staff, but today we employ a total of more than a thousand staff and our business has spread beyond Singapore. Each and every one of us is proud of our outstanding achievements thus far. As a long serving staff of the company, I feel proud and touched to be a part of its success, enjoying my role in the purchasing department and contributing to the growth of Koufu. I gained a great deal along the way, appreciating our culture and our professional attitude and team spirit.

For the past 10 years, I have been through many significant moments. There were contributions and rewards, happiness and joy, growth and improvements. I believe our effort will be paid in one way or another. I gained my rich experience, raising our standards progressively, building a stronger foundation for our future journey. Let us all join our forces to bring Koufu to the pinnacle of our local food and beverage industry. Lastly, I wish that Koufu will continue to progress steadily in the years to come and shine in its most unique way.