Hock Kee Chicken Rice @Koufu, Square 2 & Changi City Point


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Chicken rice is undisputedly one of Singapore most famous makan delights. To the connoisseurs, the springy yet tender texture of the chicken, the glistening fragrant rice and the uniquely piquant sauce of fresh chilli and garlic make up an irresistible combination that can only be described as a mouthful of bliss with each bite.

Fish & Chicks @ Koufu Cathay Cineleisure

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Probably the best of version of your everyday fish & chips, grills and spring chicken! The star of the show would be their salted-egg and chili crab fish and chips, a fusion combination that steals Singaporeans’ hearts!


1983 Coffee & Toast @Benoi, T2, CGH, SMU, Ng Teng Fong


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1983 Coffee & Toast provides traditional all-day breakfast. Enjoy the aroma of Singapore's Traditional Hainan Coffee, paired perfectly with Hainanese Kaya and Butter Toast, and soft boiled eggs. 

Other signature dishes include local favourites like Mee Siam, Laksa, Mee Rebus, and Nasi Lemak.


Huat Huat BBQ @ Rasapura Masters

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With over 20 years of history, Huat Huat serves mouth-watering succulent and juicy Barbequed Chicken Wings with the wings being separated into wing tips and drumlets and roasted over the open charcoal fire for the most incredible smoky flavour. The skewers are then carefully hand-turned so they bronze evenly and perfectly barbequed to golden brown. The Barbequed Chicken Wings come with fresh lime to enhance the sweetness and for those who like the additional kick, try it with their chilli sauce, prepared with secret recipe seasoning. 

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee @ Cookhouse & Koufu

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Savour in Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee's renowned home-made Yong Tow Foo and a bowl of specialty dry noodles topped with minced meat that have satisfied many palates for over 60 years.

Clay Bowl Rice @ Cookhouse, Waterway Point

Chinese Sausages with Steamed Rice  Mushroom and Chicken with Steamed Rice    Assam Fish Slices with Steamed Rice

Originating from Fo Shan in Guangzhou, indulge in traditional Cantonese home-style delicacies against a bed of fragrant white rice that is steamed inside a clay bowl and complete your meal with over 15 side dishes to choose from. Signatures include Shrimp Paste Pork Slices with Steamed Rice, Black Bean Pork Ribs with Steamed Rice, and Mushroom & Chicken with Steamed Rice.

Lam's Signature @ Cookhouse


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Since 1975, this family business has created successful recipes of its own, like the Abalone Noodles and Salt Baked Chicken. The Salt Baked Chicken, known as traditional Hakka dish, is marinated for a few hours before it is baked under a bed of sea salt. Lam's emphasizes on delivering good quality recipes with care as it is served as a home cooked meal.


Hungry Jack @ Koufu, Gourmet Paradise, Cookhouse

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Over the years, Hungry Jack has established itself as a brand that serves affordable and delicious western food. It offers a variety of westen favourites like Fish & Chips, Seafood Marinara, and Grilled Chicken Buttered Corn Rice. Being a popular choice among the youth and families, Hungry Jack is also a halal-certified brand.

Pasta Mama @ Koufu, 100AM

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Nothing overly fanciful, Pasta Mama serves up delicious yet affordable Italian favourites like Aglio Olio Pancetta, Baked Bolognese, Seafood Pomodoro, and Hawaiian Pizza. Delight your senses with freshly made Pizzas & Pastas, prepared with a tantalizing variety of quality ingredients to showcase the true Italian flavours.