Lim Shyun Meei

Heartfelt-Messages-Lim Shyun-Meei-smallKoufu is a learning organisation. It has allowed me to learn and grow along the way, providing me with many platforms to realise my potential. It has also been a fruitful journey.

There were many moments during meetings and trainings where Mr Pang Lim, founder of Koufu, was sharing his stories with us. Those were his rich experience from his life and his personal principles. He is fair to each and every individual and will always remind his staff to stay away from alcohol and smoking, in order to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

I gained rich management skills and theories from Mr Pang. Some examples of his wisdom includes “stay close to your principles but stay flexible”, “no matter what you are, what matters is your ability to meet your task”, “there is always space for improvement” and “it is important to mentor, supervise, monitor and check.” He also provides us with his daily wisdom, shared with us during our daily “coffee talk”, cascading his values.

Mrs Pang has also been another strong support. She constantly encourages us, helped us, guiding us to achieve our fullest potential. Koufu’s “warriors” are well-trained in the battle ground, and we are expected to learn to manage tough situations.

I appreciate Koufu for providing me an avenue to realise my dreams. I wish Koufu a happy anniversary in 2012. We have achieved a lot for the past 10 years but we can definitely be better!