“Koufu” refers to the Chinese belief that it is one’s good fortune to feast on good food.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have held this same belief and aim to spread the fortune of good food for generations of our loyal customers. To bring forth ‘Koufu’ to everyone, we make it our mission to provide quality food and services to our customers, while staying true to our deep roots in the Singaporean food culture.

Koufu’s logo represents the company’s commitment to making a difference to the well-being of everyone through its food services.

Sweeping calligraphic brush strokes depict the Chinese character for the word “mouth”, linking the logo to the food business and the company’s emphasis on treasuring traditions. In contrast to the bold monolithic Chinese character is the Hanyu Pinyin representation of the name underneath. It conveys the youthfulness and friendliness of the business. The juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern demonstrates Koufu’s drive to stay competitive while preserving traditions. The Chinese phrase for Koufu reinforces this ideology.

The red colour of the logo conveys the passion Koufu has for the business and also the strength acquired by ensuring excellence from which prosperity will come. This positive spirit extends from the logo to the food and services.

Better Food. Better People. Better Life.