About Koufu

pang_limKoufu is a well-established brand name in the hearts of many households. It is a symbol of quality, which also reflects an entrepreneur’s vision and determination.

Koufu has been enhancing its efforts to preserve the unique Singaporean coffee shop culture amidst the challenges and rapid changes in our local food and beverage industry. We have managed to transform our organisation through a three-pronged strategy to ensure the “quality”, “service” and “environment” factors are covered. Through this effective strategy we managed to create breakthroughs by integrating modern food court and coffee shop management style and contemporary designs.

Using these basic principles as his foundation, Mr Pang Lim founded Koufu in 2002. Within a short span of 10 years, Koufu expanded its business profile from neighbourhood coffee shops to large-scale modern food courts in residential areas as well as commercial shopping malls. One of the milestone expansion projects of the company is the establishment of Rasapura Masters in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. In 2012, Koufu celebrated its 10th anniversary with its first overseas food court establishment in Sands Cotai, Macau.

Reflecting on Koufu’s developmental journey, when food courts began to emerge gradually in Singapore, Mr Pang Lim, with his rich experience in the food and beverage industry, had already identified the growth potential of food courts during its early stage. Within a short span of 10 years he expanded his business scale from three coffee shops to a huge organisation comprising more than 50 outlets of food courts and coffee shops. This is the outcome of his visionary business concept, hard work and a constant drive to innovate and excel.

Mr Pang Lim played an instrumental role in the transformation of Singapore’s traditional coffee shop culture. Apart from the opportunities that surfaced during that period, he was able to identify the trends and captured precise timing in his execution of crucial business decisions. He made a bold move to switch his focus from his coffee shop chain business to Koufu’s current emphasis on developing modern quality food courts, when he identified a change in the Singaporeans’ lifestyle.

Koufu’s modern food court management style is an enhancement of his previous successful approach in his coffee shop business. In this new management model, Koufu emphasises on promoting “Better Food”, “Better People” and “Better Life” as the core values of its vision.

As Koufu progresses steadily into the future, Mr Pang’s focus is then to establish a strong team that will continue to enhance Koufu’s culture and bring about greater breakthroughs in the food and beverage industry in Singapore.