Share – A Bowl of Rice

Mr. Tan Kay Nguan founded the project “Share a Bowl of Rice” when he created an art piece using a combination of rice grains and acrylic painting. He then spent four years studying various methods on how to handle the rice grains before embarking on this charity journey.

Rice is the main staple food for most people, however, there are many people who might not be able to enjoy a simple bowl of rice for every meal. Hence, Koufu partners with distinguished Singapore artist, Tan Kay Nguan to continue the journey of “Share a Bowl of Rice” to raise funds for the less fortunate community through the charity sale of art paintings.

Share – A Bowl of Rice

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  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_295
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  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_234
  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_220
  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_003
  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_001
  • 20171202_Voodoo_Koufu_Charity Auction_335
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