Corporate Social Responsibility


Inspired by Koufu’s corporate mission and philosophy, we are committed to playing our part to improve the welfare of the community. As part of Koufu’s endeavor to be a socially responsible company, we support initiatives benefitting the less fortunate and elderly, and have participated in numerous relevant activities and events.

Sun Love Home

Sun Love Home is one of the few charitable homes in Singapore, which gives care to patients ranging from 22 to 75 years in age. The social stigma related to the intellectually-infirmed has caused families to shun their loved ones. The aim of the Home is to educate the public about various forms of mental illness and to eradicate the misconception that mental patients are violent and patients cannot be restored to their normal health.

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The Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift (BBSG) 2011 is organized annually to deliver food hampers to beneficiaries around Singapore. Koufu worked with Boys’ Brigade to play a role in helping the less fortunate during this festive season. Besides sponsoring food items (including Milo, Oil, Condiments, Canned Foods etc), we also deployed all of our 11 Koufu vehicles and more than 30 Koufu staff to deliver the food hampers to the homes. Each of the food hampers consists of 13 basic household items such as rice, biscuits, cooking oil, instant noodles and toothpaste that would last the beneficiaries up to six months.